About Us


INITALY began in Elbasan, in February 2005, by the initiative of Mrs. BRUNILDA ISUFI. The  entrepreneur was born in 1076 , has  a great experience –  more than 12 years in the field of food administration in Italy, alongside her spouse, understanding that its country is prepared and ready to accept the Italian perfectness, professionalism and the hygiene-sanitary norms while respecting the reasonable quality-price rapport.

The will of institutions to apply and respect the European laws, norms and rules remains fundamental; every ”play” has its own rules, devoid of them no entrepreneur would risk to build its business while hampering its own abilities. INITALY does not wish to be a usual trade company; demand, offer,  price… the mission proposed has been rooted into the two main lines; upbeat of the kitchen and commercial partners. A binomial combining quality, the controlled food chain, providing products, servicing, consultancy, as well as the spirit of a person who has dedicated his passion, love, sacrifices  and time. It precisely because of this that we have personally included the reputation of our commercial partners while increasing the awareness of our clients and transmitting them the whole story at the products’ background. Only by professional marketing we can root these values to our clients. In order to achieve this we have   invested a lot in marketing policies, beginning from local partners for institutional catering to providing licenses for promoting professional training courses.

Following the company’s policies in harmony with the established regulations in the field of employment has positively rewarded the inspection checks by customary, fiscal, health and employment institutions.

In March 2016, began the first professional training course at the Tirana showroom whereas in April commenced the meat processing. Catering activities, organized in Tirana showroom, are taking off, thanks to the well-equipped kitchen.

In July 2007, Show Room Saranda was inaugurated, offering services and improving the seaside expectations, in order to be present to each single restaurant evaluating Italian quality and  healthy food.

Actually, INITALY operates in its main warehouse in the heart of Albania, in Elbasan Town, with two show-rooms in Tirana and Saranda, while hoping to span all over Albania and in territories outside Albania.

INITALY Risto & Gusto transmits the culture of Italian restaurants in its homeland by means of the foreign and Albanian specialists.