inintaly-1Present on both public and private restaurants, the group mandates a 30 –year experience in restaurant management and service.

initaly-3Our products are varied and special suchlike Parma excellent beacon with good national quality and even better European quality.


initaly-2In this area you will have the possibility to see a wide range of our foodstuffs.

Our seriousness, the competence and professionalism guarantee;

  • A wide assortment of food products dedicated to restaurants,
  • Products of affiliations or the ones furnished by the same provider.
  • Technical catalogues and product traceability (verification of the origin of the products), respect of hygiene-sanitary norms (HACCP)
  • Consigning/handover of products by means of INITALY vans, with controlled temperature fridges.
  • Qualified employees, always available to provide concrete solutions.

We are well-aware that all this has its own cost which has been materialized in the final prices, but it is worthwhile, because it has been translated as safety, stability and credit. These make up the bases of the future, on which one should increase its activity. We, in INITALY, need to be alongside you in this enterprise.

Despite the good quality of our products, which has been tested for years on end, it is our obligation to inform clients about the “food-cost” or the cost for portion.

A warehouse with cool and freezing refrigerators is available at the “Qendra Agroushqimore” Elbasan, , comprised of a multi-technological meat-processing line of different types suchlike veal, pork, fowl, wild catch, sausages etc. There is also a showroom in Tirane, where we organize training seminars and other courses for our clients in close cooperation


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